Automatic Pick Punch and Stacker

ONYX 3-in-1 PPS (Pick-Punch-Stack), Complete automatic Binding system ONYX 3 -in-1 Includes

The Onyx – ONYX HD7000 Heavy Duty Punch With Die Included by Rhin-O-Tuff 
The APES- Onyx – Automatic Paper Ejector & Stacker module punches, ejects & stacks in one continuous operation when attached to a Punch.
Pal Onyx- Pic a Lift – Pics A-Lift Electric Paper Lifter, automatically lifts sheets

It is a perfect set up for those that need more production but can’t cost justify a fully automatic punching system. The ONYX 3-in-1 PPS Automatic Pick Punch and Stacker can reduce your punching project time over 60%!

Makes your Onyx HD Punch twice as productive by getting the new APES & PAL SEMI-AUTOMATIC modules! APES stands for Automatic Paper Ejector & Stacker module. It punches, ejects and stacks in one continuous operation. And the PAL module stands for Pics-A-Lift and automatically lifts the number of sheets selected. In our initial tests, the Pics-A-Lift / APES-14 combo has outperformed many of the fully automatic punches and has done so at less than one-half of their initial cost.


Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in
ODPunch Die

Coil 4:1 Oval Holes, Coil 4:1 Round Holes, Double Wire 2:1 Round, Double Wire 2:1 Square, Double Wire 3:1 Round, Double Wire 3:1 Square, Plastic Comb Die, Round Holes 5/16" (3-5-7) 4.25" Spacing


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