Onyx Apes-14 Automatic Paper Ejector & Stacker Module! When attached to the HD6500 or HD7000, this machine punches, ejects and stacks pages in one efficient operation. Productivity and output increases up to 50% without additional help. The Apes-14 is easily installed.   The APES-14 handles paper sizes as small as 5.5″ x 5.5″ or as large as 14″ x 14″, including cover stock and tabs. Your HD6500 or 7000 can still be used in standard mode while still attached to the APES-14 for smaller, quick jobs.

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 41 × 28 in


  • Ejects & Stacks in One Operation.
  • Extends the Useful Life of your Existing Equipment.
  • Increases Punching Output without a Large Capital Outlay.
  • Increases Productivity up to 50% without the Hiring of Additional Help.
  • Handles paper sizes from 5½ x 5½ inches up to 14 x 14 inches (140 X 140 mm to 356 X 356 mm).
  • Handles Cover Stock and Tabs with Ease.
  • Use in Standard Mode with Odd Jobs while still attached.
  • Easily installed on Existing Equipment.
  • APES-14 attaches to the HD punches.
  • Fast and Accurate with Rhin-O-Tuff Reliability.
  • Comes with a 3 Year Warranty.


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