Double Loop Twin Wire 3:1 Pitch

Double loop twin wire binding elements are made with metal and are the most prestigious and secure binding element.

  • Other names used for double wire elements are Twin loop and wire bind.
  • Double-loop Twin binding is use in items like catalogs, manuals, calendars, booklets, and swatches.
  • Double wire binding is a very popular commercial binding method.

With this binding method.

  • A users inserts the metal “C” shape element binding on to the punched sheets.
  •  A Wire CLOSING Unit  , is used to squeeze the elements together and compressed until it becomes round.

Documents bound with Twin Loop wire will open completely flat.

  • This type of binding allow for the book to turn 360 degree all of the bound pages.
  • The recommended binding sizes are displayed  on the chart below.

Operating Manual for Wire Closing WBM 532

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Choose Size

1/4" – 3:1 Pitch, 5/16" – 3:1 Pitch, 3/8"- 3:1 Pitch, 7/16" – 3:1 Pitch, 1/2" – 3:1 Pitch, 9/16" – 3:1 Pitch

Choose Color

Black, White, Pewter, Red, Blue, Gold, Green

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    J C

    Double loop twin wire metal is the most prestigious and secure binding system. Twin loop wire is ideal for binding a vast range of articles, such as catalogs, manuals, books, agendas, calendars, and all sorts of sample booklets and swatches

    September 30, 2022

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