Laminating Film Premium Rolls – Clear Film

This Laminating Film Rolls of film offers a copolymer adhesive allowing for lower operating temperatures and greater adhesive bonding.  Ideal for high-speed applications because of  the lower seal temperatures features. Laminating Film rolls have excellent clarity and protection. The Film rolls are Water, oil, acid, and alkali resistant. Used for point-of-purchase displays, video boxes, presentation folders, menus, book covers, book jackets. Purchased in Sets of 2.

Weight18 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 25 in
Film Width

9", 12", 18", 25", 27"

Film Thickness

1.5 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil, 10 mil


Item No.ThicknessSize
LR1509501.5 Mil09″ X 500′
LR1512501.5 Mil12″ X 500′
LR1518501.5 Mil18″ X 500′
LR1525501.5 Mil25″ X 500′
LR1527501.5 Mil27″ X 500′
LR0309253 Mil09″ X 250′
LR0312253 Mil12″ X 250′
LR0318253 Mil18″ X 250′
LR0325253 Mil25″ X 250′
LR0327253 Mil27″ X 250′
LR0509205 Mil09″ X 200′
LR0512205 Mil12″ X 200′
LR0518205 Mil18″ X 200′
LR0525205 Mil25″ X 200′
LR0527205 Mil27″ X 200′
LR10091010 Mil09″ X 100′
LR10121010 Mil12″ X 100′
LR10181010 Mil18″ X 100′
LR10251010 Mil25″ X 100′
LR10271010 Mil27″ X 100′


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