Paper Trimmer Roll@Blade 64″

High-Precision Rotary Trimmer (Item# ARAB-64)- [NEW PRODUCT!]

Product Description:

  • The Paper trimmer Roll@blade 64″ can trim to a maximum Length of 64″.
  • The Self-Sharpening Tungsten Rotary Blade provide durability with a sharp cut every time.
  • The Ergonomic Metal Blade Carriage will comfortably fits your hand.
  • This will safely keeps the blade out of reach.
  • Extra Rigid Steel Guide the blade. This will glide with extreme stability, hence providing a perfect and accurate cut every time.
  • Transparent Clamping Bar holds the trimming material in place. This allows you to monitor the trimming process.
  • A Side Guide and Adjustable Depth Guide allows for an easy and precise alignment. Extra wide Work Table With a Ruler Table in Both Metric/English Systems provides for a quicker setup.
  • The Trimming Capacity is Up to 2.0mm thick.
  • You can Trimming the following Materials with ease. Paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastic films, and vellum, , aluminum foil, vinyl, PVC, polyester, polypropylene, leather, and much more.


Carefully designed with self-sharpening tungsten steel blade . This is  premium quality components to guarantee an effortless and professional trim. The precision trimmer will provide years of trouble free service.

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 48 in

other items

Other Roll@Blade 64″ Items Provided Include: 
• Metal Stand with heavy-duty locking wheels
• Waste catcher made of sturdy canvas bag.
• Protected and Shipped in wooden crate created for ultimate protection.
• 1 Year Warranty.


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