Coil Crimping Pliers

  • Delran coil cutting and crimping tool is the ideal crimper for cutting and bending plastic spiral binding coils.
  • Coil crimping pliers cuts and bends the coil.
  • The bend on both ends to trap the coil and lock the coil on the document.
  • The cut produces an extra-long crimp, this will safely secure the pages of bound documents.
  • The precision Crimping Pliers tip can accurately ensures a perfect locking bend.
  • The design perfectly cuts, crimps and bends any coil from  for medium-to-high-volume use (6mm to 50mm).
  • The compressed flat spring design on other models prevents the springs from popping up and out of place.
  • A twin metal spring design allows the pliers to bound back open. The mechanism retracts after the pliers cuts and crimp action is complete.
  • Coil pliers are made from hardened steel.
  • The crimper designed includes special additives to improve the tool’s strength and durability to prevent corrosion.

For Effortless two side automatic trimming – Review our  Automatic Coil Crimp.  The  Operation manual PDF


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