Rhin-o-tuff  HD7000k & 6500 Punch Die EZ

Rhin-o-tuff Punch Die EZ Tool allows you to get the most out of your binding machine. These patented dies ensure you can tackle any binding job. The  HD7000 uses the Rhin-O-Tuff EZ change die system and each die uses the Rhino swing away die pin retainer allowing you to disengage any punching pin. Our interchangeable Rhin-o-tuff  7000 Punch Die Tool work with twin loop wire, plastic comb, spiral coil, velo bind, and many other punch Die Patterns.  We can service and repair your 7000 Punch equipment. For Parts we ship directly to you and get you back up and running. Browse our tooling dies for all Rhin-O-Tuff equipment. Our Die Punch Patterns displays all the Rhin-O-tuff  EZ Die Tools.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
ODPunch Die

Double Wire ThumbCut, Coil 4:1 Oval Holes, Coil 4:1 Round Holes, Double Wire 2:1 Round, Double Wire 2:1 Square, Double Wire 3:1 Round, Double Wire 3:1 Square, Plastic Comb Die, Round Holes 5/16" (3-5-7) 4.25" Spacing


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