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DuoMac-321 / WireMac-Duo

 The All-In-One Wire Punch & Binding Equipment (Punches and Closes 3:1and 2:1 Pitch Wires)

DuoMac is Based on the best selling WireMac. The WireMac-Duo / DuoMac-321 has both die sets installed in one single unit. This complete option eliminates the need to change dies. This new Wire Binding System is all you need to wire punch and bind from 2 sheets to over 200 sheets! Series has both die sets installed in one single unit, with no need to change dies. All Coil combinations come with a free Coil Crimper Plier.

The Duo-Mac 321 has the flexibility to produce wire bound documents in both pitches of wire. The two separate punching dies can complete any wire bound documents. Wire binding is a great choice for reports, catalogs, presentations, calendars or any item that needs to lay flat when opened.


C51 Comb+Coil 5:1, C41 Comb+Coil 4:1, C31 Comb+Wire 3:1, C21 Comb+Wire 2:1, 541 Coil 4:1+Coil 5:1, 521 Coil 5:1+Wire 2:1, 431 Coil 4:1+Wire 3:1, 421 Coil 4:1+Wire 2:1, 321 Wire 3:1+Wire 2:1


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